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  • Culture

    Contact Us

    ADD: No. 16, Tongyi Road, Weihai, China

    TEL: 86-0631-5233588

    FAX: 86-0631-5224345

    Current Location:Home > Vision


    Building a Dream over the World

    We believe that the world civilization shares an identical ultimate dream, although their nations, skin colors, beliefs, histories may be different,everyone desires for a high quality happy life in the heart. Relying on its highest standards of construction and service, and its representative technical force,WIETC helps all human beings to build this wonderful modern dream for life.
    — Building a dream, a grand and lofty dream.

    Creating a Sustainable Life over the World

    We firmly believe that our achievement is closely related with and integrated into the life of people all around the world. We are concerned about the harmonious coexistence of human and nature. We strive to create a healthy, sustainable, green and environment-friendly way of life for the people over the world. We consistently devote ourselves to promoting the economic development of all countries and the happiness index of humans with unremitting efforts.
    — LOHAS, to live a happy and sustainable life.

    Copyright:Weihai International Economic & Technical Cooperative Co., Ltd.(c) Address :16 Tongyi Road, Weihai City, China  Lu ICP, number 12002982, -3 TEL:86-0631-5287769  FAX:86-0631-5224345  Lu public network security 37100202000269Number  Technical Support:Aosion
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