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    ADD: 16 Tongyi Road, Weihai City, China

    TEL: 86-0631-5233588

    FAX: 86-0631-5224345

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    The Company Won the Bid for New WB Project in Madagascar

    Release Time:2021-9-13 15:56:58

    Days ago, WIETC received the letter of acceptance from the Madagascar Ministry of Territorial Management and Public Engineering, on waterway C3 dredging and construction of a silt garbage dumping station. The project is located in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. The project includes ditch silt-removing and the construction of drainage ditches, sidewalks, silt storage stations, sanitation infrastructures, etc. The project is funded by the World Bank. It is the company’s first dredging and waterway improving project in Madagascar and the second project funded by the World Bank. At present, preparations are well under way for the start of construction.

    One of the dredging projects in Lake Anosy

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